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If you read this just know that I’m no good for you, and I thought that maybe I could be, but the person I am makes it hard to be because I got used to being that person, and now I’m not and it’s strange to me. And I hope you’re happy forever and yeah idk I’m sorry I’m a fuck up 


Sometimes I lay in bed with my eyes closed, and I play my favorite acoustic song in my head, and all I see is you right in front of me with those big eyes looking right back at me.

Oh god your eyes always leave me wishing to know how it feels to have your face resting in my hands while I give you a kiss for each of the freckles on your nose. I fall asleep every night feeling foolish for trying to imagine how amazing it would be to wake up next to you. 

yo its like I know I was unhappy the entire time but I still wanna go back to it?

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untitled by (Rhi Ellis) | follow on Tumblr | Website

untitled by (Rhi Ellis) | follow on Tumblr | Website

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how do i get someone like you to like me?? don't waste your time on shallow girls like you always do. every girl you've liked has been retarded, i've been friends with literally all of them. asked by Anonymous

I just want to go back before my birthday and repeat these last 5 months 

I feel so naive for caring too much for people who didn’t fit me into their long term plan. I feel so naive for caring to people who used me as a phase. I feel so dumb for caring about every single one of the people that I know here, literally every single one. Somehow I become friends with selfish people who don’t know how to talk about anyone except themselves.

But I still see the good in them and I can’t stop myself from caring, but they never understand that I care so much because I know what it’s like for the person who always told you to “not worry” to be the one who fucks you up the most. I see the truth in someone’s eyes, but they’re too proud to say it, and all their double standards come to life.